by Jessica Hunkin


I love street photography. One of the reasons is because it takes no preparation, all I have to do is go somewhere. It doesn’t rely on me as it does on the people I may encounter. It’s refreshing and completely spontaneous. Typically I like to ask the person for permission before I photograph them. Some people argue that a candid shot is better, and that the shot is ruined once the subject becomes aware of the photographer. Personally though, I really love the connection formed when I do ask. Although I get nervous every single time, I regret it much more when I don’t ask than when I do. It’s much better to awkwardly ask someone if you can photograph them (and accept it if they say no), than to know you let fear stop you from trying.

This particular image was taken on one of the first trips I made, photographing strangers, and it’s still one of my favourites. I love her expression, and her hands.

Taken with Ilford HP5 Plus, on a Pentax MZ-30. Self processed and developed.