Fade out, fade in

by Jessica Hunkin


This photograph was taken in Umhlanga a while back during a holiday. The two figures are my mother and her friend, who braved the chill of the early morning waves. I still remember how the light rain felt on my skin, as I stood on the edge of the beach watching them (while trying to keep my camera dry with my jacket.) I’m glad I stayed behind this time to just enjoy the view, because otherwise I wouldn’t have taken this photograph – and it’s the one that I love the most from that trip. I find there’s always an element of compromise when it comes to capturing a memory versus participating in it fully. I’ll never know what the water felt like at that moment, how alive they must have felt while all around them was ocean. But if I did know, I’d never have witnessed this, I wouldn’t be writing these words right now. It’s a compromise. Sometimes, it’s worth it.

(Unrelated to the above musings: it’s been incredibly long since I last posted, and I honestly have no excuse. I won’t go into details now but things are in the pipeline and hopefully it won’t be long until I’m updating regularly again.)